St. Joseph Catholic Church Palm Bay

Our History

The pioneering spirit of St. Joseph Catholic Church grew out of the early families that came to Florida in 1912. There was very little Catholic presence in the area at the time, and by 1914 the new settlers decided to build a church of their own. This building still stands on Miller street and was entered in the National Registry of Historic Sites in 1986. So was born a tradition of hard work, pride, selflessness and enthusiastic cooperation which is characteristic of the parish to the present day. (Catholic Church History 1891-1964). 

St. Joseph Catholic Church in Palm Bay endured the same national hardships that affected everyone during the depression. This closely-knit community constantly worked to improve their lives and strengthen their faith.

In 1963 St. Joseph Catholic School was established with an enrollment of 40 students. The school was first housed in the old parish hall on Miller Street. In 1967 a new building was erected on church property on Babcock Street. The school steadily grew and in 1994 was recognized as a Department of Education Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

By 1981, when a new church was built on the Babcock Street property, the population of Palm Bay was booming, due mainly to the influx of personnel for the aerospace industry. In the short space of ten years the “new” church was inadequate and was renovated and expansion was completed in 1992. The parish welcomes new members and the insight and talent they bring to parish life. It is our hope that you will enjoy the warm and loving community at St. Joseph Catholic Church and will participate in its joyful vision of the future.